Community Engagement, Education & Empowerment

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Building bridges through community engagement, education & empowerment. We provide various programs & services to uphold our mission.

Our Programs

APNA offers programs like SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, HEAP, Cash assistance, Food Pantry assistance, Affordable housing, Tax preparation and filing assistance.

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Welcome to APNA Brooklyn Community

APNA Brooklyn Community Center was founded in 2017 in Brighton Beach to build bridges through community engagement, education, and empowerment. Since its founding, APNA has jumped right into projects to meet the needs of local residents, especially those who are low-income, older, and/or have limited  English proficiency. The Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Luna Park and Coney Island…

Our Dedicated Team

APNA Brooklyn Community Center is operated by a dedicated group of
Team and Volunteers, including the active daily participation of each member of the Board of Directors:

Pervez Siddiqui
He stands out among community leaders due to his educational background, professional experience and dedicated service to the community.
Shazia Bibi
She has made healthcare more accessible and easier for members of the communities she serves, especially immigrants.
Erum Hanif
Erum Hanif
Ms. Hanif is a Human Resources Management Professional with more than a decade of experience in HR and Law. She has skills and expertise in HR

Welcome to APNA Food Pantry Brighton Beach

APNA Food Pantry program provides individuals and families with the fuel to survive and thrive. Our hunger relief initiatives of aimed at raising community awareness thereby launching efforts to address this growing epidemic.


On average, we feed about 1000 people every week through the following services:

  • Mercy on Wheels
  • Food Pantries
  • Ramadan Food Baskets
  • Qurbani Meat Distribution
  • Feed the Hungry Campaigns for the Homeless
APNA Food Pantry

APNA Programs

Community Engagement, Education & Training

Providing assistance in preparing for the American citizenship test, ESL classes to learn English with basic Internet training.

Entitlement & Case Management Services

Assistance in applying for programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, Cash Assistance, HEAP, Social Security, SSI

Youth Empowerment & Training Workshops

Our mission is to educate, engage and empower our youth by providing them a prospective of personal and professional growth

Tax Preparation and Filing Assistance

With the help of professionals many who are of a low income household are able to prepare tax returns for free

Legal Consultancy & Lawyer Services

Helping the people of the community by experienced experts in immigration and family law consultancy

Back To School Supplies Distribution

Providing opportunities in various programs facilitated by the Center, like back to school supplies for children

APNA 2020 Achievements

Food Distribution
2020 Census
Financial Assistance
Senior Services
Legal Consultancy
Test & Trace
Youth Services
Other Services

Community Events

Find out the Events happening at our Community Center


Workshop On Adult Literacy

Online Facebook Event 236 Neptune Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn NY-11235

          For registration call 718-648-4300 or email

Free Tax Preparation 2021

Free Tax Preparation & Filing | ٹیکس کی تیاری اور اِندراج بالکُل مُفت

3140 Coney Island Avenue, 2 Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235

We are proud to announce 4th year of Free Tax Preparation & Filing Services at APNA in partnership with Grow…


Workshop on Immigration

Online Facebook Event 3604 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11224

Are you ready for Tips and advice on immigration? Join us live on 28 Jan 2021

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    Here is the full recording of today’s Workshop On Immigration. Thanks to CUNY School of Law, Lisa Reiner , Attorneys Disha Chandiramani and Ron Cerreta...

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