Distributed food to 250+families this week

This week we were able to distribute food to 250+families on Wednesday from Apna Food Pantry Brighton Beach. Distributed 1500 freshly cooked halal meals from Tuesday-Friday.
Apna’s Test and Trace team have distributed 1550 masks, 750+ COVID 19 Testing and Vaccine literature and hundreds of hand sanitizers during food distribution and canvassing in the neighborhood.
We have also organized “2021 Women of Distinction Ceremony on March 25th in which we have honored 11 incredible women from diversified communities, who are making a difference in our communities through their leadership, hardwork and community service. The event was attended by 60+ participants including community leaders, elected officials, women and members of Apna Youth Wing. Congratulations to all the amazing honorees for well deserved recognition!!!!!!
Thanks to our staff and volunteers for helping everyone in the community and doing what is needed the most #Unity, #inclusion #womenempowement #CivicEngagement #youthempowerment

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