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Immigrants Rights Workshop

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Build the Block

Brooklyn, NY, United States 3140 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235-6411, United States

Apna will host NYPD 60th Precinct Sector A- Build The Block Meeting on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Join us and…


2021 Women Distinction Ceremony

Brooklyn, NY, United States 236 Neptune Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn NY-11235, U.S.A

Don’t forget to join us on Thursday, March 25th for 2021 Women of Distinction Ceremony.  


Conversation on Ranked Choice Voting

Join The NYC Civic Engagement Commission and Apna Brooklyn Community Center to learn about Ranked Choice Voting. Event by Apna…


Workshop On Adult Literacy

Online Facebook Event 236 Neptune Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn NY-11235

          For registration call 718-648-4300 or email info@APNAbrooklyn.com

Free Tax Preparation 2021

Free Tax Preparation & Filing | ٹیکس کی تیاری اور اِندراج بالکُل مُفت

3140 Coney Island Avenue, 2 Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235

We are proud to announce 4th year of Free Tax Preparation & Filing Services at APNA in partnership with Grow…


Workshop on Immigration

Online Facebook Event 3604 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11224

Are you ready for Tips and advice on immigration? Join us live on 28 Jan 2021


Virtual Phone Bank

Online Event 3604 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11224

The most important way we can participate in Democracy is to make sure that others are participating too! Your phonecall…


APNA in Partnership With NYC CENCUS2020

Brooklyn, NY 3604 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11224

We have less than two weeks to be counted in #2020Census. Billions of dollars in funding for our city are…