Shazia Bibi

Shazia Bibi


Shazia has been living in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn for the last 20 years. She is a very prominent Community Organizer and a  Community Activist. She is the Co-Founder of APNA Brooklyn Community Center and a Co-Partner at APNA Adult Care. She also owns Shazia Pharmacy on Coney Island Ave and Marhaba Pharmacy on Bath Ave in Brooklyn, New York.

She is the first Pakistani woman in the Brighton Beach area who ventured out and through her sheer energy and determination organized the large Muslim Community in Brighton Beach. She has been involved in charitable work throughout her career and helps all the needy women and men get on their feet with her personal financial contribution and assisting them in so many ways that she has become a fixture of the Muslim Community in Brighton Beach and well known throughout Brooklyn.

Passionate Worker

She is reliable, trustworthy and a very well-respected figure in the community. She is kindhearted and a passionate worker always looking to help individuals and families. She is a role model for many young girls and as a result, many families allow their girls to work in pharmacies and other sectors by following her footstep. In other words, by her example, she has changed the mindset of families for active participation by women.

She has worked with Mr. Siddiqui (Director of APNA Adult Day Care) for years. Together they have made healthcare more accessible and easier for members of the communities they serve, especially immigrants from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other southeast Asian countries.

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